Press Release

New recommendations call for human-centered approach in the aviation sector

Published On: May 08, 2023

GENEVA (ILO News) – The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the civil aviation sector, highlighting the need for a human-centred approach to preserve jobs and skills, and attract and retain aviation personnel. Against this backdrop, a Technical meeting on a green, sustainable and inclusive economic recovery for the civil aviation sector  has stressed the importance of enabling environments for growth and reaffirmed the sector's commitment to safety.

Participants agreed that one of the ways to achieve this commitment is through the strengthening of labour administration and labour inspection systems, and the promotion of a safe and healthy working environment, including a “just culture”. They also concluded that significant investments will be needed to facilitate just transition to environmental sustainability in order to reach the aspirational targets defined by the industry.

The conclusions and recommendations adopted by the meeting also reflect the aviation industry's commitment to promoting fundamental principles and rights at work for all. Among others, the sector is committed to addressing gender imbalances throughout the employment cycle, including, through recruitment, promoting developing opportunities and closing wage gaps.

The meeting requested the ILO to deepen its collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Taking as the basis for this work the ILO-ICAO agreement , signed in 2022, participants called for the ILO and ICAO, in consultation with tripartite constituents, to evaluate the need for effective labour and social standards for aviation, with a particular focus on key occupational and safety and health concerns, such as working time and rest periods for aviation personnel.

The ILO was also asked to conduct research on the recruitment and retention of aviation workers, with a view to inform further action, including possibility convening a meeting of experts or other form of intervention to address these matters.

The conclusions and recommendations for the aviation sector were adopted by the 140 participants. The Technical meeting on a green, sustainable and inclusive economic recovery for the civil aviation sector  was held from 24-28 April 2023 at the ILO's headquarters in Geneva.