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EX-LIAT Workers Offered “Pittance” by PM Browne says ABWU Boss

Published On: May 08, 2024

Sen. David Massiah

Antigua.News - Senator David Massiah, the General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union, has expressed his disappointment with the government’s recent offer to former LIAT (1974) Ltd. employees.

Senator Massiah deemed the government’s repeated offer of 32% compensation a “pittance” and urged employees not to accept it.

He argued that the amount was an insult to the workers who have dedicated themselves to keeping LIAT afloat over the years.

The government’s proposal includes a payout of up to EC$75,000 to each employee, and additional compensation in the form of government bonds, plots of land, and UWI scholarships for their children or spouses.

Despite these incentives, Senator Massiah believes that the workers deserve better compensation for their hard work and dedication.

He said Prime Minister Gaston Browne is seeking to use the divide-and-rule mechanism where the former LIAT employees are concerned

“Gaston Browne continues to say that the LIAT 1974 Ltd workers must take whatever he gives them. He has no time to negotiate. When you look at Mia Motley, she ensures that their workers receive all that is theirs. The prime minister of ST Lucia also ensured his workers were taken care of. They received 100%. And so why should the people of Antigua accept 32%”, Senator Massiah said

He said the cash and bonds promised by the ABLP government are not substantial.

Meanwhile, the government is making headway where the setting up of LIAT 2020 is concerned

According to the latest reports, the airline could begin its first round of flights in the coming weeks.