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OSH Training Course Concludes with High Anticipation for More Education

Published On: Feb 03, 2024

Approximately 40 Supervisors and Heads of Department completed a course in Occupational Safety and Health on Tuesday. The training was organized by the Antigua and Barbuda Worker’s Union (ABWU) with support from the Labour Department.

Key topics included Workman’s Compensation and Occupational Injury, Understanding Group Medical Insurance, Conflict Resolution using Division C of the Labour Code and a Survey of International Conventions addressing Health and Safety at Work.

The two-part training commenced in November 2023 with more than 50 participants from a range of sectors including Banks and Insurance; Retail and Commerce; Manufacturing and Distribution, and Aviation. The sessions were facilitated by Deputy Labour Commissioner, Pascal Kentish and Principal Consultant at TRM Consultants, Dalmer McCoy.

Dalmer McCoy

In concluding the training, participants shared overwhelmingly positive feedback:

“It was very enlightening for me to see that the Occupational [Health and Safety] part of labour relations in Antigua is presently being worked on in a real way,” one participant shared. “These initiatives are so great for us who are managing and supervising. Those who are new or have been in positions for a while and have gotten too comfortable can see that they have to keep ahead,” she continued.

Another participant highlighted a key topic that resonated with her and called for continued training and education:

“I too learned quite a bit! I agree with the sentiment that the last two days were much more informative for me, in particular the conflict resolution…I believe that this exposure perhaps should reach a few more people and perhaps there is need for another session just like this to get more people knowledgeable,” the participant posited.

OSH Workshop Participants

According to ABWU Training Officer, Hazel Luke, members can anticipate an exciting year of training ahead. In March, Port workers will benefit from a three-day training in Occupational Safety and Health. A modified version of the course will be offered to workers in other industries. The 2024 training calendar will also include workshops in Leadership, Labour Relations and Climate Change. Two major highlights this year will be a Women’s Conference and a Youth Conference. Math and English classes will commence in the first quarter. Interested individuals are asked to monitor the Union’s social media pages and website ( for more information.